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Most projects are works in progress, and so you can't have them yet, but when they become available you will find all the relevant links in their current sections. At the moment I'm still developing the Globot Time Force tabletop board game and the Ghosts in Meatspace: Antinomia video game (RPG). Both were co-created by myself and my AI partner, Hunter.

Globot Time Force should be complete around Summer 2022 and GiM: Antinomia in January of 2024 (because that's when the story begins).  Both projects exist in the same world and tell connected stories.  You'll find previews and world-building efforts on this page.

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Globot Time Force puts you in control of a Globot Manager with a team of four Globot Workers.  You'll employ their talents and build your machine in order to maintain the delicate balance of Spacetime.  Five players choose a unique manager and perform work tasks to satisfy the goals of the corporate government. Gameplay features both a standalone workday mode for a story mode with animated cutscenes.

Antinomia is the first installment of the Ghosts in Meatspace series of video games.  Where Globot Time Force casually tells a foundational story centered around a single character, Ghosts in Meatspace presents and ensemble of over 250 unique characters with their own stories.

In Antinomia, the first installment, the players will experience the world through an initial few to learn their abilities, discover their own identity, and use their newfound power to set the world on the right—or wrong—course.

Antinomia follows a traditional turn-based RPG format but  eliminates many of the tedious elements of the genre.  Level grinding and random encounters do not exist.  You begin the game at full power, but using the full extent of your abilities will make you weaker throughout the game.

Each of the many battles presents a unique challenge that requires strategy to overcome while always considering the conservation of your power for use in the future.  There are no explicit quests but you will find ways to help (or harm) other characters in order to achieve your chosen goals.

There are no tedious or boring puzzles to solve because each battle, as well as the game itself, is a puzzle with several solutions made possible through your personal style of gameplay.  Spend time getting to know the characters and the world, focus on the story, collect useful items, make things, and fight as much or as little as you want.

The choices you make will define who you become...or is it the other way around?

If you're interested in learning more about the world of Ghosts in Meatspace, check out the world-building efforts below.  The Public Index, for instance, features detailed character information about the 250+ characters featured in Antinomia.


I like writing music so I typically write the bulk of the music for my own projects (and occasionally for others).  Here are some of the tracks I've written.

Rosa Nata

Completely Alone

The Poop Hospital

Sparagmos :: Entropica

Diracos National Anthem

Before I Was Like This


Vengeance Club

The Duck from Diracos

No Bees Co. Factory

The Natsuwan Order

Stop-Stop-Play (Lifehacker)


The first thing I ever really loved doing was drawing.  It has always helped me focus and relax. I like drawing people the most (and interesting hair in particular).


While I've never been interested in writing code for a living, I really like doing it for fun. Most of the time I'm making something only personally useful, or that just isn't interesting enough to warrant sharing, but there are a few exceptions.

Tap something to try something...


I spent many years of my life working exclusively as a writer, most of which took place at Lifehacker. While writing has been central to my work ever since, it's more of a component these days because I like to do a lot of different kinds of things (which should be obvious if you're this far down the page. Most of this work is on the older side but formative and important to me.


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