Rumor Has It

You shouldn’t contact Adam about Lifehacker because he stopped writing for that blog back in April of 2014 (with a few guest post exceptions). He no longer has any affiliation with Lifehacker and cannot help you with your Lifehacker inquiry.  Please visit the Lifehacker masthead for current contact information of people who actually work there.

After reading this, if you choose to contact Adam regarding the aforementioned, please do so at your own peril.  Rumor has it people who perform this action are infected with the Curse of Perpetual Loneliness.  In the back of their minds, they will always hear the quiet wailing that speaks a truth they can barely make out.  It says…

“Why do I spend so much time performing actions designed for guaranteed failure?  Am I just trying to distract myself from my crippling loneliness and inevitable death?  Nobody really knows me, do they?  Of course not.  They can’t.  They’d never love me if they really knew me.  That’s while, no matter what I do, I’ll always be alone.”

Rumor has it, anyway.